Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hollywood star and their red status cars

With the "Princess Diaries" and "The Devil wears Prada" fame of Anne with a young fashion style, elegance and sunny smile, without loss of affinity. This time she wore a seat on the British brand Marchesa evening dress floating in the air play, really, and Hepburn a bit quite similar. Deserves to be called Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn combined! (Also wearing a Marchesa dress, why not find the body through the sense of what Zhang Ziyi, disappointment)
To make it as elegant princess does not feel strange, I chose one for her, also from the United States, 08 new CTS. Known as "the best 50 years Cadillac" of it, combined with its Cadillac Sixteen concept car, the famous century aesthetic concept, GM's top SIDI engines. Some people commented that this is a car all conceal any of its edge in the luxury sports car. The car will be listed in the mainland this year.
One is the annual income of $ 3,500,000 in the music of small wild cats, one is equipped with a V8 engine of the best super-mini sports car the Pontiac Solstice. The same red, the same trace of youthful hormones.
I even wore a Valentino evening dress, her temperament is still exposed undoubtedly trivial. For her, born in 1992, this Oscar is more like an extraordinary rite.
Pontiac introduced the end of 2007 a small sports car, from the sense of sales is basically icing on the cake, but it's coming, more like to make people see what the car Pontiac create exquisite skill.

Japan annual models selection announced - Honda CR - Z

Honda CR-Z, a sporty hybrid, February 26 this year in Japan. November 9, from Japan's COTY (car of the year) selection committee vote, Honda CR-Z the highest of 406 points, this year's Car of the Year. The second score for the public to Polo, 397 points.
The provisions of the COTY, if chosen by the Japan Car of the Year car, then will add another award, "annual import models." This is also the special nature of the Japanese auto market determined.
Naturally, this year the import models to Whispering Polo. There is also a "Special Jury Award", received by the Peugeot RCZ.
Including the above three vehicles included, a total of 10 vehicles to enter the final round, collectively known as the "Best 10". All of these awards, the title of manufacturers can be used for commercial publicity. However, there are additional conditions, one must be clearly marked out a COTY Committee granted the award; another one, that ad has been clear which year's award.

Visit Seoul car franchises

To South Korea twice before, each time passing their car franchise stores are in the car and looked over.
This time to South Korea, one day after dinner my team leader to visit Beijing Hyundai's Zhang leave: "We teach Myeong-dong shopping street, I want to look for car franchise stores stroll elsewhere." Zhang Weixin then agreed.
In fact, I noticed the car in the bus, Myeong-dong shopping street in the vicinity of at least two or three car specialty stores, so I was in service during the cultivation by the sense of direction, soon found the bus was passing in the a modern car franchise stores. (See photo)
When I opened this shop when Hyundai franchise is the evening at about eight or so, the shop is only a middle-aged man on duty. I'm not Korean, he seems not Chinese, so I pointed to wearing "uniforms" on the "Hyundai" logo, and a hand draw a circle toward the room, he nodded to me free to see .
This is a two-story building with a modern car franchise stores, shop, display six, seven modern cars, there are cars there SUV. Not too many stores or as domestic car ads car 4S shops are straightforward hall boasts unique atmosphere. The most striking contrast to the wall is a huge work of art (see photo). Both warm and there culture. Price on each vehicle exhibition in font size small, but very clear. Look at the configuration, these cars are basically automatic transmission + large screen GPS, compared to domestic offers for higher quality, has become almost standard in South Korea.

Seoul's 12 million vehicles electric car popularization plan

10 years later, the South Korean capital Seoul on the road electric vehicles will reach 12 million.
This is the November 17th, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said in Los Angeles visit. Specifically, the 2020 Seoul all the official vehicles and public transport vehicles in half, 10% of all small cars, trucks, and 1% of all medium and large vehicles into electric vehicles. The results of such calculations is 120,000 down. Meanwhile, in order to provide a convenient environment for electric vehicle use in all of Seoul by 2020 11 million units will be set within the charger.
The immediate objective is, first of all before the end of this year, more than 100 first universal; where 17 is the bus, and the rest were all public service vehicles (note: this is very important, public service vehicles). Supporting the charge set at the district government and the main shopping mall setting, this year is 130 units.
Next, to 2014, the public facilities in Seoul (management rights in the hands of local government) set the total charge of more than 8,000 sets of equipment. To 2020, all public transport vehicles in Seoul about 50% of 3800 changed all electric buses, while the number of charging facilities across the region to be densely covered by the city to achieve "no inconvenient feeling" level.
Starting next year, will be summoned IT-Power - Communications experts in various fields to organize a "Green Car Smart City Advisory Group (green vehicles the city)," develop a specific implementation plan.

Jointly-funded brands SUV forms pyramids pattern

Looking at the domestic market sales of joint venture brand pyramid spire part of the SUV, CR-V became the best-selling SUV brand joint venture models; followed by the RAV, and IX35 Tiguan SUV in the domestic market, the lower tip of the pyramid; The other is the Q5, Tucson , Highlander, and Xiao-off models such as the monthly sales of vehicles in 4000-6000 between the SUV brand in the domestic joint venture in central pyramid, in addition to a large number of non-selling models.
 CR-V, RAV4 and passers-by view, almost formed the three pillars of such a market structure will be adjusted, in particular, sales of RAV4 and the Tiguan will directly affect the CR-V's market performance. View of the emerging way, on sales of almost equal million mark, while the RAV4 is currently in the minor fluctuations in sales in a stable state, which in November leading up to 8491. Today, the market dealers promotional efforts on the RAV4, RAV4 will certainly improve in the future market potential.
 As Toyota's best-selling SUV models in China, RAV4 SUV has a number of fans like the models. Memories of the past, the year before the RAV4, the highest rate of increase up to 3 million. RAV4's direct and strong competitive models - CR-V, Tiguan, IX35. Among them, the modern IX35 below the price of three, and the advantages come from behind, and the RAV4 in October sales were flat in November, after sales lagged behind the RAV4 nearly 500; Tiguan sales in October has become one of the domestic sales volume of joint-venture brand second models, November wholesale sales exceeded 10,000; CR-V in November's wholesale sales of up to 13,980.

American automobile financial is popular

Recently appeared in a number of enterprises actually buy Chrysler Financial's business! Of course, buying Chrysler was not the Chinese financial companies such enterprises in developing countries! What does this show? In my view, this means that the rich are already being felt Zhu Er - pick up the U.S. auto market soon! Or that the U.S. auto market has entered a recovery period of the.
 First look at this message. Toronto-Dominion Bank has been and Cerberus CapitalManagement LP Sai Bona asset management companies to negotiate in order to acquire a car loan company Chrysler Financial Corporation. It is said that the earliest possible agreement in mid-December. However, it was not optimistic, said the Toronto-Dominion Bank may not be able to do so, because there are other buyers and Sai Bona asset management companies are being approached.
No one to take over the financial crisis, compared to Chrysler Financial is now really into the meat and potatoes of the. It was looting, and expensive. , Chrysler Financial is expected to cost about 6 to 7 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to Chrysler Financial's book value. In this way, Sai Bona asset management company may recover the previous (on the Chrysler Financial Corporation) of all investments.

Five European auto market sales volume released

Comparison of five troubled European automobile market in the foreseeable future may be a difficult recovery from the Spanish automobile market, and the first out of the crisis is the German automobile market, the German automobile market decline narrowed, the current automobile market in the five major automobile market, only to have independent Italian figure brand cars, including Chery DR OEM car sales rose sharply, or up 132.5%, 479 sold in November, the Great Wall sold 55 cars, the Italian auto market has been down for 8 consecutive months of sales, sold 145,198 in November vehicles, down 21.1% year on year, the Italian ANFIA data show that 1-November sold 1,829,117 vehicles, down 8.2% year on year, forecast full-year 2010 total sales volume of the Italian automobile market in between 194-195 million vehicles, up down 10%, and the sales decline will continue until next March, the Italian automobile market in the last decade the average annual total sales of 225 million, the Italian automobile market will not return to pre-crisis level as early as 2014, the Italian own-brand cars in November sales accounted for 28.9% of the share of the automobile market, sold 41,912 vehicles in November, down 25.4% year on year, foreign brands sold 103,286 cars, down 19.3%, Fiat sales of top places to occupy in November, sold 31,184, up down 27.9%, the second is Ford, sold 11,976, down 32.7%, Opel ranked third, selling 9,963, down 9.2%, the fourth is the public, sold 9,196, down 20.6% fifth in the Renault, sold 7,864, down 21%.
French automobile sales fell seven consecutive months, sold 193,970 vehicles in November, down 10.8% year on year, the French CCFA data show that 1-November sold 2,023,410 vehicles, down 2.4% year on year, forecast full-year 2010 total Micro 2.2 million vehicles sold, down 3% (2009 total sales of 2.268 million.)
French own-brand car sales in November fell 12.5% year on year, sold 105,746 vehicles, Renault ranked top sales position, selling 42,728, down 13.9%, Peugeot sold 35,762 cars, ranking the second, down 2.3% Citroen sold 27,250 cars, ranking the third place, down 21.2%.